Rick AsmusThe question of quality aging for whitetail deer is what we are all about. It’s really simple, top hunters want to know how old their buck is.

And those that are into Quality Deer Management want to know the age structure of the whitetails on their property. Additionally taxidermists want to provide their customers with an accurate and quality service at a reasonable price. Why all this interest? Because an older buck is truly a trophy buck, and to some folks even more so than the amount of inches a whitetails rack measures.

I started this business 15 seasons ago after I’d taken a nice buck in Canada. It created a stir at the outfitters camp because it looked so old and its teeth were so worn. Upon returning to Michigan I had the buck aged by the DNR and found it to be 9 1/2 years old. I was really floored not only by its age but the excitement the age of this trophy had caused both in others and myself. It was the start of Whitetail Labs.