Simple Preparation of Teeth

Tooth Extraction and Cleaning Process
For Recently Deceased Animals

It is important to extract the two middle incisors of the lower jaw without breaking off the root tip where the cementum annuli rings are most distinct.

You can easily remove the two middle incisors from freshly harvested deer.

First, cut down on each side of these teeth with a sharp, thin-bladed knife.

Then, using a pair of pliers, or multipurpose tool such as a Leatherman, grab the top one third to one half of the tooth and loosen the tooth by gently twisting and rocking it before pulling it out with a steady twisting motion.

Be cautious not to cut into the root itself – just the tissue that surrounds the root.

Again, take care not to apply excessive pressure which might break or crack the tooth. The root tip is the most important part needed for us to properly age your deer.

*If the teeth are still in the jawbone of the animal you may need to rehydrate the jaw and that can be done with a warm water bath. Just heat a pan of water up to about 150 degrees and soak jaw (Don’t Boil). Check jaw out every 15 minutes or so until cuts can be made along side of front teeth and gently remove. If you would prefer we can remove teeth for you for an additional $5.00.

Exposure to excessive heat and/or chemical agents can case histological damage to the teeth.

Do not use bleach or other chemicals to clean or loosen the teeth.

After the hot water bath treatment, wipe any dirt,sand or tissue off the tooth with your thumbnail or a piece of nylon net fabric (i.e. panty hose).

Shipping The Teeth

Send teeth to Whitetail Lab @ PO Box 693 Oscoda, MI 48750 and include payment amount described below


Price / Set of teeth





11 or more


Extra: $5.00 per set for hot water bath

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